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Vans Kill the Line 2014 Official Video

This video’s probably the best thing you’ll watch today. So much good vibes and viewable crazy clips. Companies that support BMX is the best thing in BMX! Vans threw one crazy event! It’s nice to see a lot of dirt riders go all out on a set of trails all at once. Watch this one for sure, so many smooth 3’s and tables, clicked turndowns, and flip trick variations. Frontflip whips, bars, backflip cliffhanger, even bangers like high speed triple bar 3 and Nyquist’s already infamous nose bonk 3 bar on a tree!

“Pure BMX, the world’s best dirt riders and the smell of a never ending summer: Vans Kill the Line 2014 defended its title as the most relaxed BMX contest of the season. Watch Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark, Ryan Nyquist, TJ Ellis, Chris Doyle, Daniel Sandoval, Corey Bohan, Mike Saavedra, Anthony Napolitan, Leandro Moreira, Simon Moratz and many more having fun and sending it on the legendary trails in the pine woods of Peynier. Dirt BMX in the South of France just reached a whole new level. Highlights, like the final runs of the contest winner Dawid Godziek or Nyquist’s ‘tree60 nose bonk to barspin‘ are of course not missing. Vive le BMX!

Experience clean and passionate BMX by riders, for riders and stay tuned for more info about VANS KIll the Line on our Facebook page , Twitter & Instagram (@vanskilltheline), on or #vanskilltheline it is!

Music: „Split the Bow“ by Belize

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