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The Shadow Conspiracy: Welcomes Jason Watts video

If you are not familiar with The Shadow Conspiracy’s Jason Watts, He is an Australian badass that can do it all. Mad props to Shadow for picking this dude up. He has a great attitude, shreds hard and parties like an animal, Props homie! Now do yourself a favor and watch this video because it will blow your mind. Dude is on another level and I can’t see many riders touching these moves for a minute. filmed and edited by: Troy Charlesworth A.K.A. @therealbigsalad on IG

Official word from The Shadow Conspiracy:

“The Shadow Conspiracy is proud to release Australian shredder Jason Watts Welcome to the Family edit. Jason is a unique rider with the ability to shred anything with a unique mix of style and creativity. Whether in the air or on his nose, Jase makes anything look good. Hit play to see what we mean!”

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