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Sunday bikes: Sunday mixer

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Sunday bikes has always had a awesome team and it keeps getting better. Today we are lucky that they dropped this new Sunday mixer edit. It features a ton of their pros riding across the world. These Bmx bada$$es come through with phat sack of unique moves, up rail to tuck no-handers, gnarly rock transfers, backwards stuffings & a huge ledge ride over tunnel. This video is packed with the teams energy, Watch Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Jake Seely, Mark Burnett, Julian Arteaga, Chris Childs, Brett Silva & Erik Elstran Take advantage of the world. WATCH IT NOW!!!”
-Stacked BMX shop-

Sunday bikes official word:

“Sunday has been on the road constantly the past few months, and we’ve had a great time. I’ll be honest, we were chillin…. this summer wasn’t so much about production, busting our asses, and stacking clips, but more about traveling, new spots, and riding with our friends. It’s been pretty awesome.

But as you would expect, riding in such a positive environment breeds motivation, and almost without even trying the guys really did kill it. Have a watch and check out your favorite Sunday riders new and old casually destroy spots from Barcelona to Mexico to California to Cape Cod and back. Hell we even went to Omaha Omaha”
-Sunday Bikes-