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Matt Closson’s signature Flossin’ sprocket

Matt Closson's Flossin' sprocket Matt Closson’s Flossin’ sprocket

Cost: $49.99
Sizes available: 25t, 27t, 28t & 30t
color available: Raw polished
bore sizes available: 19mm, 22mm & 15/16 (24mm)
sprocket available Oct. 1st
Made in the U.S.A.


We are proud to announce we are making our Team rider Matt Closson his very own sprocket. We pride ourselves in doing the most in BMX, This is our attempt to step in the right direction. We asked Matt Closson what he wanted in a sprocket and he stated he would like his sprocket super strong, remain straight and come in a 27t. So we went to the drawing board.
We knew that we had to go with 7075 aluminum too keep it spinning forever, with it’s mixture of hard materials we knew it would hold up to the harsh abuse of BMX. We wanted to lighten it up and CNC’d some pockets out. We didn’t take out to much so it will hold tough. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye the 5 spoke design came out dope.

Second, was keeping it spinning perfectly straight. We decided to machine the bore whole to the exact size of any spindle size available. That means we would have 3 sprockets in each size to prevent your chain having a tight loose spot. We eliminated the sprocket washer and created multiple sprockets, 19mm (profile style) , 22mm (primo style) & 15/16 bore (twomb/thunder bolts & 24mm cranks). When you have a sprocket washer there is room for error, play and even wear prematurely. By removing this second item it ensures that you will have a straight sprocket every time.

Third was the finally appearance. We dig all the traditional finishes but we wanted our sprocket to be clean but still have some rawness to it. We tried a few different things but decided to go with a high polish on raw material, it created some chop saw marks that glimmer. This was to fresh to sleep on.

Matt Closson’s Flossin sprocket will be available in a few weeks, so support him and buy one. We will be giving him royalties to help him continue his path in BMX. Who knows, you might be in his shoes one day and we will support you as well.