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Madera BMX: Mike Hinkens Wildboarcelona street edit

Stacked Official word:

“Madera bmx’s Team manager Mike HInken’s has always had a different approach to things, in this video he travels to Barcelona Spain and does just that. He packs this video with a bunch of fakie cassette moves that will keep all you cassette fans grinning. If you are not a fan of the freecoaster take over and love sliders, watch this now.” -Stacked BMX shop-

Madera bmx Official word:
“Everybody goes to Barcelona and everyone rides the amazing spots. Madera’s Mike Hinkens headed over to Spain with a diverse crew of homies and tried to bring a diverse style to one of the most amazing places on earth for riding bikes. Enjoy Mike’s take on how to be a Wild Boar in Barcelona.” -Madera BMX-

Filmed and Edited by: Grant Castelluzzo
Hand-drawn Titles: Dylan McCauley
Song: Charles Bradley – Dusty Blue