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Lahsaan Kobza Subrosa Keep It Code

Damn no way to describe how awesome this edit really is! Along with a bunch of traveling and filming for two DVD’s(Shadow’s and Blunted’s) Lahsaan was able to create this crazy video for Subrosa that makes you wonder if this is just how he naturally rides on the daily and what the hell he’s gonna bang out for Both DVD’s. Safe to say this is a warning if anything to all boxers out there, you haven’t even seen Lahsaan break a sweat yet.

“Subrosa pro Lahsaan Kobza is one of the most productive dudes in BMX right now.

In between traveling from Az, to the UK, to Japan, to Florida, and back to the UK, he was been keeping busy with filming for the Shadow DVD, and the Blunted DVD.

Somehow he also managed the time and energy to drop this edit for ya just in time for the holidays!

Take his signature smooth style and add a bit of burly and you’ve got yourself an incredible video. KEEP IT CODE!

Filmed and edited by Bobby Kanode

Summer of Haze
‘Sad Smoke’”