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Heroes of Dirt Trailer

It’s looks like BMX is getting another movie to call its own. Heroes of Dirt. It’s even been said that it’s the “RAD” of this generation. I got nothing bad to say about this trailer and I’m really looking forward to see the movie. Also Cru Jones is the stereotypical anti “your hobby of choice is a joke and will never pay off” dad character, CRU JONES! Hah!

“After several years in the making, Heroes of Dirt is finally complete! The movie premieres Oct 25, 2014 and will hit select U.S. theaters late fall 2014. Bring H.O.D. to your local theater by requesting it at! You have the power to make it happen!

Heroes of Dirt is an action sports drama feature film by Eric Bugbee and produced by Blue Trail Entertainment. It’s about a self-focused BMX rider who aspires to become the next stunt champion and is forced to mentor a troubled teen involved with a crafty dealer.

Brought to the screen by a core crew of filmmakers who have strong roots spanning three decades in BMX dirt jumping and street riding, Heroes of Dirt is a triumphant story of the human spirit, coupled with a strong dose of dirt and street riding by legendary champions, pros and hardcore locals.”