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Eclat: Julian Arteaga in New York city

Stacked Official word:

“Today Common crew’s Julian Arteaga comes through with a super dope piece from Eclat parts in New York City. He pull-up barspins off of blocks and freestyles all over Rails with his classic smoothness. If you want to have a casual day and cruise the block, watch this video before you set off and we are sure it will give you the right pick me up.”
-Stacked BMX shop-

Ecalt’s official word:

“Earlier this year Julian dropped an amazing welcome to eclat video that everyone involved was beyond hyped on. To follow on from this we sent Julian and Francis out to NYC to see what comes, and what did…was insane.

Mad thanks to Francis Castro / The Common Crew keep turning up with the magic. ”

filmed & Edited by: Francis Castro via: The come up BMX