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The Division Project Worldwide Mix

Another Division Project part and this one’s beast. Division’s team members from all the world got some awesome clips and didn’t bother keeping small or simple. Expect to see some rail and ledge carnage and the most casually thrown tech tricks(that cab-whip and foot plant crank arm down a rail looked too easy). Press play you won’t regret it.
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“The mix section from The Division Project featuring Andre Delgado, Owen Dawson, Trent McDaniel, Hayden Vesey, Alex Coumailleau, James Hayes, Ivan Nikolaev, Keahnu Doyle and Anthony Watkinson.

Filmed by Andrew Ayukhaev, Max Grek, Max Bespaly, Cooper Brownlee, Adam Cox, Scott Godwin, Victor Schmidt, Tiago Antunes, Andrew Brady, Rhett Cerney, Shwan Duffield, Zach Rampen, Dylan Coltman and Charlie Williams.

Edited by Cooper Brownlee

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