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Blunted Athletics: Forever rolling DVD

BLNTD ATHLTCS – Forever Rolling – Trailer 1 from Blunted Athletics on Vimeo.

Blunted Athletics have been working on a Full length DVD for over a year now. Rumor has it that this trailer is all the outakes, which is rad. BLUNTD not giving away the good stuff so that the last trailer is smokin’. This trailer really shows you what kind of person each team rider is. Tammy McCarley & Lahsaan Kobza really went in on this editing and the final product really shows. Press play, enjoy and stay BLNTD.

Blunted Athletics official press release:

“We have been working on our first full length DVD "Forever Rolling" for quite sometime now, Here is the the first trailer we are dropping in the mean time of filming. Full sections from Tammy Mccarley,Matty Nothnagle,Clay Johnson,Robbie Owen, Matt Closson,Aaron Maxwell and Lahsaan Kobza. Also featuring friend's section and crash section expect to see this full length DVD this spring.

video credit – Tammy Mccarley, Lahsaan Kobza”